There are many ways in which you can personalize your textile productions. For better understanding of our capabilities see the wide customization range we offer:

Any color is possible for your garment. All we need is a color Pantone reference number or a color swatch.

Basic Prints:
Up to 7 colors rubber or pigment silk-screen prints are available from our factories. All we need is a clear artwork - by mail- along with your instructions for print location on the garment, its size and the required colors. Various types of inks are available: puff ink, glow in the dark, metallic, shiny inks. Those inks can be mixed together in a same print to improve your logo perception.

Photo Printing:
We are also able to produce high quality photo process prints up to 75 dpi. An original picture artwork, 4-color separation or high-resolution files are preferred in this case.

Computerized, 1 to 12 color embroideries are available at very competitive price on Tajima (TMFD 1200 TYPE) or Barudan (BEMXH 20T) machines or similar. All we need is a clear artwork - by mail- along with your instructions for embroidery location on the garment, its size and the required colors. You may also directly send us a ready-to-use embroidery file prepared for the machines cited above.

Rubber, PVC patches can be sewn anywhere onto the garment. We usually ask our clients to provide us with those patches unless time permits us to develop them ourselves. As a variation, to enhance an embroidery effect and somehow to reduce its cost, a contrast color fabric patch can be also used as the background of your embroidery.

Satin printed or high quality woven labels are designed to enhance your logo exposure, and are the cheapest way to personalize your items. Labels are not anymore restricted to the neck and can be manufactured in any size and sewn everywhere on the garment (on zippers, on pockets, on garment side, on sleeve, at bottom...). Here as well all we need is your artwork -by scan or fax- and the requested colors.

Regular individual poly bags are now regularly printed at very little cost. Paper or carton wraps around the garment are also available in all sorts of quality.

Hang Tags:
often forgotten or dismissed, hangtags are another great way to convey a message to the end user and are actually inexpensive. Available in any shape, size and quality it only takes an artwork from you to add serious value to your production!

Personalized accessories:
We now also offer the possibility to personalize buttons and zipper pullers with your logo.

Garments Washing:
Various kind of garments wash, i.e; Regular / Heavy garments wash, Silicon wash, Enzyme wash, Bleach wash, Golf / Rubber ball wash, Dirty Wash, Tie-dye wash, Acid wash, Hot water wash, Tea stain wash, Enzyme stone wash etc. could also be provided according to buyers requirements.

It is possible to make Sandblasting, especially on Denim fabrics of various garments. It could be regular, chemical and Laser as per

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